Retail Scales

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  • Retail Scales

    Retail scales separately display weight, price per Kilogram (or 100 Grams) entered on the keyboard and then the calculated price to pay simultaneously. The entered price can be fixed temporarily to enable repetitious pricing of the same commodity or for 'Pick and Mix' use. Some retail scales feature PLU (Price Look Up) buttons that can hold the price of commonly sold items for instant use. Others are fitted with a label / receipt printer. All our retail scales are of course fully approved for trade use as required by Weights & Measures, having the 'Green M' sticker and all other necessary markings. If the use of scales is going to be the ‘deciding factor’ in the actual price charged to a customer (or paid to a supplier) for weighed items, the law states that the scale has to be ‘Trade Approved’, also known as ‘Stamped’, ‘Weights & Measures Approved’ or 'EC Approved’.