Ohaus Scout SKX Laboratory Balance

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    Fast weighing speed with high resolution.
    The Next Generation of Scout Balances

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    Designed for education applications, the OHAUS Scout SKX has a large backlit LCD and is backed by education software making it the ideal balance for your classroom. It is built to endure demanding classroom applications with superior overload protection. Features include faster stabilization time, increased capacity, multiple connectivity options and stackable design. Specialist weighing applications include Density determination and Mole weighing (for chemicals). The Scout SKX is probably the best weighing experience for  the next generation classroom. Models up to 620g. capacity include a test weight. Capacity choices from 120g. to 8200g.

       Weighing units: Gram/Kilogram/Newton/Ounce/Pound/Pound & Ounce
       Powered by AC adapter (included) or 4 AA batteries.
       Options available for RS232, USB Host, USB Device, Ethernet or Bluetooth®
       Integrated superior overload protection system
       Space-saving stackable design for easy storage (except 1mg model).
       Simplified 4 button operation
       Good readability in dim lighting condition
       Weigh below hook, transport lock, manual calibration lock switch, security slot
       ABS housing, stainless steel pan, replaceable in-use cover
       Low battery indicator, auto shut-off and auto tare

    Models    (tick checkbox to order)

    SKX123 (120g.)
    Division : 0.001g.
    Plate Size (mm) : 93 diameter
    £329.64  inc 
    SKX222 (220g.)
    Division : 0.01g.
    Plate Size (mm) : 120 diameter
    £216.48  inc 
    SKX422 (420g.)
    Division : 0.01g.
    Plate Size (mm) : 120 diameter
    £265.68  inc 
    SKX622 (620g.)
    Division : 0.01g.
    Plate Size (mm) : 120 diameter
    £290.28  inc 
    SKX1202 (1200g.)
    Division : 0.01g.
    Plate Size (mm) : 170 x 140
    £334.56  inc 
    SKX2202 (2200g.)
    Division : 0.01g.
    Plate Size (mm) : 170 x 140
    £392.62  inc 
    SKX421 (420g.)
    Division : 0.1g.
    Plate Size (mm) : 120 diameter
    £152.52  inc 
    SKX621 (620g.)
    Division : 0.1g.
    Plate Size (mm) : 170 x 140
    £176.14  inc 
    SKX2201 (2200g.)
    Division : 0.1g.
    Plate Size (mm) : 170 x 140
    £231.24  inc 
    SKX6201 (6200g.)
    Division : 0.1g.
    Plate Size (mm) : 170 x 140
    £300.12  inc 
    SKX8200 (8200g.)
    Division : 1g.
    Plate Size (mm) : 170 x 140
    £231.24  inc 

    Accessories    (tick checkbox to order)

    Traceable Calibration Certificate Issued under our ISO 9001:2015 Quality System.£24.00 
    RS232 Interface kit£45.00 
    USB Host interface kit£69.00 
    USB Device interface kit£54.00 
    Auxiliary display kit (TAD7-S)£71.00 
    Bluetooth interface kit£84.00 
    Ethernet interface kit£97.00 
    Top loading kit for density determination£13.00 
    In-use cover£13.00 
    Replacement power adaptor£22.00